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Our Pastors

Since 1998, Lutheran Church By The Lake has been served by pastors faithful to the Lutheran tradition, but understanding of our unique community and our membership of people from a variety of faith backgrounds. In order of service, we have welcomed into the role of Pastor of Word and Sacrament:

Pastor Jan Setzler

Pastor Ruben Olawsky

Pastor Walt Wist

Pastor Dick Albert

Pastor Jim Kinsler

Pastor Sue Johnson


Our congregation is currently being served by a wonderful group of Supply Pastors, many of whom are retired from full time ministry with Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian backgrounds. We are prayerfully awaiting a call for a pastor who will continue to lead our congregation faithfully in studying and preaching the Word, receiving the sacraments, faithfully following our promise to carry out God’s mission to our neighbors and the world, and to join with us in fostering a family of brothers and sisters in Christ in worship and fellowship.

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