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Bible Studies

Tuesday Morning Bible Study (10AM) – Returning to Tuesday morning on January 24 continuing “The Chosen” video series. Will continue meeting through Lent with Season 2.

During Lent, beginning on Wednesday, March 1 at 5PM. We will use the Ray Vander Laan series “The Mission of Jesus”.

· March 1 (5PM in the ARK) – The Mission of Jesus Episode 1 “Capernaum: Jesus Binds the Evil One”

· March 8 (5PM) – Episode 2 “Decapolis: The Other Side—Jesus and the Man”

· March 15 (5PM) – Episode 3 “Crucifixion: The Coronation of the King”

· March 22 (5PM) – Episode 4 “Ascension: The King Takes His Throne”

· March 29 (5PM) – Episode 5 “Pentecost: God Changes His Address”

· April 5 – No Class (Holy Week) That the World May Know | Volume 14 | The Mission of Jesus - Follow the rabbi through the world of Jesus, hiking through the Galilee region, exploring the ruins of Rome, and kneeling on the stones of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem as you discover how the gospel of Jesus confronts the gospel of Imperial Rome.


Where do we find it? In a song? In a flower? On the lake? In a bird’s trill? A baby’s smile or a child’s touch? A hug from a friend?  

Join us as we examine Paul’s Letter to the Philippians AKA the Letter of Joy. With the guidance of Deb Burma, we’ll read Scripture, study, discuss and challenge one another to find joy in all kinds of places ...with God’s help.  

The Women’s Bible Study meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 2 -3:30 pm in the ARK at LCBTL. Our next gathering will be Wednesday, November 16. Contact Donna Irmis or Nancy Spinner with any questions.  

We’ll talk, study, sing, pray and laugh together as we learn how God encourages us to find and experience joy in our lives.  

Come and invite friends and neighbors. All are welcome! We look forward to seeing your smiling faces.  

Oh, Joy!  

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