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Backpack Ministry

THE BACKPACK MINISTRY is an incredible ministry of feeding 140 plus providing food to impoverished school-aged children to supplement their weekend nutritional needs.   Since 2015 we have worked closely with Catherine Callaham, our school contact, and more recently Superintendent Hembree has been supporting us in so many ways.   Our volunteers pack every week at a room provided to us by Dr. Hembree and GLEAMS.   LCBTL volunteers pack the second week of every month and have been so helpful in so many ways.  Many, many churches offer support by packing, picking up food, loading, fund raising, collecting donations and more.  We have a board of 9 members from all churches in McCormick.   We participate in parades, fund raising events and work closely with the Chamber.  Our yearly cost will be pushing $28,000.   $6 feeds one child and thanks to Food Lion they have NOT raised our prices since 2015.  Donations are welcome.   Many people donate on a monthly basis through their church.   How blessed we are to have businesses, area churches, and organizations support the children. 

A $25.00 donation will feed one child for a month. 


Donations can be sent to:  McCormick County Backpack Ministry, P.O Box 1145, McCormick, SC 29835. 

For more information on this Ministry, please contact Roseanne Selby, Chair at

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