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Education Ministry - Provides opportunities for continuing learning.  These opportunities include Pastor’s Bible Study each week as well as adult learning using Bible focused studies with video and study guides. 


Each year, we have a “Vacation Bible School” like program called Camp Grand which is aimed at grandchildren of community residents.  This three-day event is created and supported by the ministry of the LCBTL.  



Be Still & Know: A Study of Rest and Refuge

Author: Deb Burma


On the Third Tuesday of every month, September through May, a women’s Bible study will focus on Psalms 46 and God’s promises that in whatever kind of storm we find ourselves in, Jesus always comes to us.

Adam Hamilton’s - Christianity and World Religions

John M. “Dusty” Rhodes – Facilitator


Pastor John M. “Dusty” Rhodes will be facilitating the study of Christianity and World Religions as found in Adam Hamilton's book and DVD, Christianity and World Religions.



First Session                            February 06, 2024                   10:00 a.m.      The Wise Men

Second Session                     February 13, 2024                    10:00 a.m.      Hinduism

                       Women’s Bible Study           February 20, 2024                                

Third Session                          February 27, 2024                    10:00 a.m.      Buddhism

Fourth Session                       March 04, 2024                        10:00 a.m.      Judaism

Fifth Session                           March 12, 2024                          10:00 a.m.      Islam

                      Women’s Bible Study           March 19, 2024          

                      Tuesday of Holy Week         March 26, 2024          

Sixth Session                           April 02, 2024                           10:00 a.m.      Christianity

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