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Liturgical Seasons

Pentecost occurs on the 7th Sunday after Easter. The word originated from Greek pentekoste which means fiftieth. The 7th Sunday after Easter is the fiftieth day. Christians around the world observe this as a festival day in the church year. It commemorates the gift of the Holy Spirit sent to the disciples and followers of Jesus. It occurred during the Festival of Shavuot in Jerusalem when Jesus’ followers from different backgrounds were gathered. Suddenly a great wind came up, small flames appeared, and everyone heard the Message in his own language. Many sources consider this event the origin of the Christian Church.

The colors of the banners and paraments in the sanctuary change from white to red for this day. Congregants are encouraged to wear red as well in celebration of the gft of the Holy Spirit who continues to guide, comfort and inspire us as Jesus promised. We worship the Triune God, Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

The season after Pentecost is called “Time After Pentecost” and continues throughout the summer and fall. The paraments and banners change to green signifying the growth of faith and the church.

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