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Meditation Garden

Meditation Garden.jpg

In 2018 the congregation saw the need for LCBTL to expand, providing much needed meeting space, a larger more modern kitchen, and additional  storage space. Architectural and land-use experts determined that the new structure would be best situated in the area occupied by the Memorial Garden, and much prayer and consideration was given to how the plans would move forward. It was decided that the Memorial Garden would become a part of the existing Columbarium space near the Twelve Oaks lower entrance to LCBTL, and plans proceeded for the new construction. The Memorial Garden and the dedication of those who created the original space and the memory of those for whom it was planned will forever be enveloped in the spirit of Christ’s love that now flows freely in our beautiful Columbarium.

The original Meditation Garden adjoining the church was a beautiful serene environment with flowers, plants, shrubs, a meditation bench and pergola for members and visitors to enjoy. The Garden was dedicated in the spring of 2005, after many hours of work by a Landscape Committee consisting of church members Bob and Margaret White, Larry and Ann Houck, Janet Townsend, Linda Albert and Clarence Bouknight. The structures in the garden such as the pergola and meditation bench were made and installed by Jim Brissey and Bill Essex and the brick pavers, irrigation and fence were installed by Jim Brissey and Steve Shaw. The Garden was created with donations in memory of Jan Brissey, a devoted member of the church who was the beloved wife of Jim Brissey.

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