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Church Council

President – Eric Randall

1. Chair all meetings of the congregation and the Congregation Council.

2. Serve as the point of coordination of all committees and organizations in the congregation and be welcome at their meetings either in person or as represented by a Council member.

3. Coordinate the plans, functions and activities of the congregation in conjunction with the Pastor and the Congregation Council.

4. Provide direction to committee chairpersons based on Congregation Council input.

5. Assist in coordinating the assembly and publication of information to be presented at the November Congregational Meeting.


Vice President – Sherri Kumle

1. Act for and in the stead of the president in his or her absence.

2. Assist the Council President in coordinating the assembly and publication of information to be presented at the November Annual Congregational Meeting.

3. Serve as Chair of Nominating Committee and maintain file of Member term dates.

4. Serve as a non-voting member on the Endowment Fund Committee.

5. Serve as a member of the Stewardship of Life Committee.

6. Serve as Council Liaison to the Personnel Committee.


Financial Secretary – Eileen Hurlbut

1. Responsible for the accurate counting, recording and depositing of all receipts for the congregation.

2. Store bank deposit slips attached to the listing of individual contributions in a secure locked facility in the church office.

3. Furnish the treasurer with a paper account of receipts and a weekly breakdown of the Sunday contributions.

4. Provide weekly notification to the church office staff of the Sunday contributions.

5. Provide regular statements to church members showing their offerings.

6. Prepare reports for the Congregation Council and congregational meetings.


Secretary – Karen Flynn

1. Receive emailed reports from Council members prior to Council Meetings.

2. Record attendance, reports, motions and other actions at Council Meetings.

3. Compile Council meeting minutes from emailed reports and meeting notes.

4. Distribute minutes to Council members prior to subsequent meeting and record corrections or changes received.

5. Correct minor changes prior to final distribution for subsequent meeting. Offer major changes as minute amendments at subsequent meeting.

6. Record, present and keep the minutes of the annual and semi-annual congregational meetings.

7. Maintain an ongoing file of dated motions and actions passed

8. Be responsible for all official correspondence of the Congregation Council.

9. Prepare highlights of Congregation Council meetings for the November annual report.

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